Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2015 Trends Event

If you're reading this you might know that I rarely post anything here, but these 2015 Trend boards that I just developed for the FGI (Fashion Group International) event at Room and Board tonight seemed a good enough reason to post something and provide you all with some inspirational imagery. FGI calls this their 'Home by Design' series, the intersection of fashion and lifestyle.

I was invited by Room and Board to be the interior designer voice on this panel, along with Fashion Designer Luke Aaron. The lovely Emmanuelle from Poise Boston did a fantastic job of asking great questions and making the event a success. More on the event in the Globe on Sunday! Stay tuned.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Published in the Boston Globe

Last week while I was on our Summer vacation, a project of mine (our basement studio in my own home) was published in the Boston Globe in the G Style section! Once I knew that this was truly real and that it had made it to the printers so to speak, I sent my husband off (on his bicycle from the beach house) to grab some hard copies in Chatham. It's really hard to get projects published and this writer, Jaci Conry from the Boston Globe actually contacted me, and of course I was thrilled and open to have her interview me. She wrote a great article. You can also read an old blog that I wrote on the space and see more photo's here.

I also have to thank Jessica Delaney from Jessica Delaney Photography who did such an awesome job with the photography and is so fantastic to work with. We actually completed another shoot together recently but I need to get those photo's up on the site, pronto!

Cheers to getting published! Here are some photo's from the actual paper from last week.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bargain Makeover

I was inspired to try and do a Craigslist (US website that lets you connect with sellers of furniture and loads of other things) makeover after a good friend of mine had some great luck with finding perfect 'steals' that just needed a little TLC. It was a little frustrating at first as I had very little time to surf the website daily, but that is what you need to do in order to get first dibs on a great find!

Finally I stumbled upon this $15 solid wood dresser that was the perfect size for my daughters room and I could envision it all spruced up and painted with new hardware! My husband picked it up from a few towns over and then all we had to do was get it sanded and painted. As I have virtually no down time to do sanding etc, I hired my carpenter friend to take off the hardware, sand it down completely to get rid of the dings etc.,  and prep it for painting.

I found this Amy Howard  One Step Paint at the NY Now show and finally got to try it for myself on this piece. It can actually be painted right over varnish too, but I wanted a cleaner look, not  a shabby chic look, so having it sanded down achieved that. It literally took just two quick coats with a 45 minute break between coats. It has a chalky finish and I might add their wax to it, that they supply too. I used color: French Blue.

Finally I had the hardware put on. These great ring pulls from Amazon which are Hickory Hardware Ring Pulls at $4.47 a piece!

I am so happy with the outcome and it's great to have tested this paint out for myself now, to inspire my D.I.Y. clients out there that love taking on some of the pieces of their projects themselves.

Before: Really badly dented and awful color. I think
the wood is maple or ash, but all solid!

During: Hardware removed all sanded down and 
ready for painting.

I love the foot detail!

The paint. I used the paint brush for the first coat but rolled the second.

Here it is completed! 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

R & R

This personal renovation project certainly did not have us doing a lot of rest and relaxation as this title suggests, but it was a fun tongue in cheek suggestion as my children's names are Ruby and Reid, plus we can all use a little sarcasm right? Our 1920's colonial home always had this fairly unfinished basement since we moved in more than 6 years ago, but it was begging for a transformation as we used this space daily and it had become our front door as we entered our home from the driveway. Coats, mittens and shoes were strewn all over the space and it was dark and dingy. 

My vision for the space was to have it provide a few functions in only about 400 square feet of space (the balance of the basement is a tool and storage room). The primary inspiration was our children and to give them an art studio space that they could enjoy, pin up their work and also just have fun in. We also had to solve a few other functions that were necessary, like the 'mudroom' and related storage, the washer/dryer area that needed an update, the need for more storage and a pantry and we needed to update the stair to the main level of the house and a small powder room was part of the scope too. The ceilings are quite low at just after 8 feet, so we exposed the rafters and cleaned up the electrical to visually give us that extra space. All of the walls and ceilings were painted white to make the space feel larger than it actually is and a practical luxury vinyl plank tile is what I selected for the floors which is a great solution to keep the space dry. We do however run a dehumidifier constantly to keep the moisture out of the space, especially during the summer months.

Take a peek at the images below that the fabulous Jessica Delaney did, and gain a little more insight into the details and other project features.

Natural light helps make this studio space
bright and cheerful during the day and industrial
pendant lamps with warm LED lamps keep it
well lit and full of style at night

The silhouettes were enlarged from smaller ones and continue to
pay homage to my children and make the space theirs. The pantry
hidden storage can be seen beyond the accent wallpaper wall.

The entry door to the left is the main entrance into the space. Simple
Ikea storage units for coats etc is upgraded with a custom bench seat
cushion. All of us have our own drawers for mittens and shoes etc, so 
it is a breeze keeping things orderly, finally!

The tones from the flooring is repeated in this rustic small tray
that houses some of the kids art supplies. 

Behind the R&R is a future cable outlet, which
we will potentially upgrade to a flat screen tv 
when the kids outgrow this art space. A great
tip is to always think of the future when planning
kids spaces as their needs change constantly!

I love natural textures and they make this black and
white scheme very welcoming and interesting. The mirror 
is an ancient one that I've had forever from S. Africa and I added a
Martha Stewart glaze with bronze highlights that I added now make it
a fun antique looking piece mixed in with the more contemporary furniture, 
lighting and rug pieces.

Every woman's dream, at least mine: An organized,
neat and clean washer/dryer area! To the right of that
is the teeny powder room and some recycling storage.
You can also see the fridge that is recessed in to the left,
and the storage baskets for sporting gear.

Organization: As a mother of two having a well 
organized home is the only way that I can manage 
and juggle all of the craziness that is involved with 
having my own business and a family and home
to look after. Little prize details like their backpacks
with perfect little hooks keep my kids organized and 
me completely sane (on most days)!

Want to see what we transformed?
The new pantry area and we closed in the stair to give its that great
accent wall!

I enclosed all of the lolly columns which helped create fun wall
spaces actually and added to the otherwise simple space

Yes it was that bad

I hid these lolly columns too with the new design

The old stair pantry is no more!

Amazing what a good clean up and proper storage and 
organization can do, right?

Monday, August 19, 2013

NY Home Eye Candy

I zipped down to New York for the day yesterday to visit the NY Now show. I came back with loads of new ideas and products to use on future projects so it was really was worth the trip and there is nothing better than seeing some of these products in the flesh! The photo's don't do the show justice, but you can get a good feel for what was trending. I felt like there were a lot of products that were very "once off" looking - many pillows for instance that were being made with custom fabrics or leathers al colored beautifully in muted but pretty color palettes. I did see some brighter more preppy solid colors and lacquered pieces too (Jonathan Adler etc) too of course and this designer Tina Frey had these incredible benches that were made out of resin, but just gorgeous organic shapes and great proportions.

One of my favorite parts of my journey was meeting and sitting next to Melinda Cox from
Balanced Design on the train down to NY. She is a remarkable designer and has a fantastic line of fabric, pillows and rugs that I hope to use on a project very soon!

Tired feet today, but worth it.