Monday, August 30, 2010

Boston Kitchen Renovation

I have working on this kitchen renovation in a Boston brownstone for a couple of months now and it is finally complete! I was brought onto the project by Erin Gates, who is a fellow designer and friend who already had been working with the client for a couple of months on the balance of her condo, so it was an easy project to get familiarized with the clients style, when a lot of the furnishings were already installed and the condo finishes were underway. Her blog post today highlight some of the latest developments, but keep reading here for some additional project information.

I love to do "old school" hand drawn renderings of what the final project will look like, not only for my own assessment of the final plan and elevation details, but mostly for the client to familiarize themselves with what they should expect to see as a final completed project. This is a great way to iron out any details that the client may want to change, which are not always caught by them on the elevation drawings. The style was contemporary and clean in design, with small hints of feminine glamour.

Final kitchen rendering 
"Before" kitchen. Gut rehab required.
The beginning of Erin's work in the living room, showing the wall on the left that would come down as part of the renovation effort.
And the walls comes down. Demolition is complete. The plumbing was a hidden crazy nightmare (luckily the only expensive unknown) and the floors had about about 3" of an angle in them, but it is now hardly noticeable with some crafty design and construction work.
The dropped ceilings go in and the studs are laid in place while the electrical and services are put in place.
The new "bones" of the kitchen can now be seen as all of the walls got a fresh coat of skim plaster.
And the cabinets arrive. Everything was kept pretty light in color (white painted cabinets and Carrera tops) and the appliances were all in stainless steel to keep the fresh contemporary aesthetic working well.
All of the final trim is now in place, marble and faucets are in and the final decorative lighting sparkle has been added to complete the project. You can see the latest shot from a few days ago on Erin's blog, with the addition of her choice of Imperial Trellis wallcovering in the cabinets and on the wall at the refrigerator, which help give the kitchen a lot of depth and relate it back so well to the furnishings.


  1. Very nice! I love the before and after shots and feminine feel! LOVE IT!

  2. Good tips. I like it. Thanks for sharing this information. Good work, Keep it up.....

  3. Kitchen planning takes a lot of planning. You should not rush this kind of project. Seeing the result of the renovation I can truly say that it is a job well done.