Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just Great Design

I stumbled upon these ingenious glass markers from Vacu Vin at a store yesterday and just fell in love with these cute little creatures. They have names like, "Sneaky, Deep, Cuddly, Devilish", which makes them even better! Those little wine charms that clipped to the stem of the glass are so done, and this was a perfect hostess gift for a party that I am going to this weekend. Naturally these come from the Netherlands. Home of some really great design. Talking of the Netherlands, one of my favorite home stores in Boston is called Lekker (Lekker is Dutch for "alluring, enticing and tempting" ) and I have been a fan for years. Most of our china, glassware and silverware is from there and it's gorgeous everyday china etc., but really good design at the same time.


  1. Jay - cant you send some of these over here?

    They're great - never lose a drink again!

    Good find!