Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Morning Quarterback

Who would have thought that the very pregnant designer would get her photo into the "Monday Morning Quarterback"?  

It was a great event where I got to see all of my "old commercial design" reps and friends and it's always fun to see new products, now that I don't get to the shows like I used to. I was a regular at Neocon and ICFF for years when I worked at a downtown Boston architectural and design firm, but going to these post parties, is just as good, except for missing out on the fabulous hotels, drinks, food, dancing etc. Ok, I do miss these shows just a little bit. Just not the aching feet after millions of miles that we had to walk over three days at NeoCon. Although I am doing more residential and less commercial design as of now, I do still like to keep up to date with what is going on and keeping in touch with the Boston A+D (Architectural and Design) community is just so important. Even if it is just for a little banter. 
Thanks to Ainslie Ritz for keeping me in the loop with this publication!

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