Monday, January 17, 2011


If you have been checking in on the blog from time to time, you might have noticed that things have been a little slow around here, and rightfully so.

After a short "vacation" away from my clients to have and care for this incredible little baby boy, I am back up and running and the new year has literally begun with a bang! Yes, my little bundle is now three and half months (and my daughter is almost three years old) and I have just begun seeing new clients and am invigorated with the new interests. I always say that I truly have the best of both worlds being able to split my time between being a mom and designer. These little people certainly do provide fuel for my creative side. So when time allows, I'll be posting to here with a little more regularity.

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  1. oh my god - the cuteness! I can't believe we haven't met him yet! We need to remedy that soon!