Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Going Digital

I must say I am little torn between the new online design magazines versus the real deal. I just love the digital magazines when it comes to quick searches of inspiration when working on design projects myself, but there's nothing like cuddling up with a good magazine. Maybe when I get my own ipad I might change my mind? I do get excited when new copies of these digital magazines arrive in my 'mailbox', just as I do when they I find them in my pile of mail. I'm not sure where this all might go, but either way, I love reading them, whether be it in the digital or tactile manner and just WISH so badly that I had more time to read them. My bed time reading is almost non-existent with the newborn in the house, but you'll be amazed at how much one can get accomplished with a baby strapped to your torso in a 'Baby Bjorn'. Yes, that is how I get a lot of my digital reading done nowadays, so lets hope that I am also inspiring the little guy peering down at the computer.

One of the new magazines High Gloss is just all that. It's super polished and one of the editors is a friend and fellow designer Erin Gates, and the project that we collaborated on in Boston (page 126) made it into the premier issue.

Two of my other residential digital go-to magazines are Lonny, Canadian House and Home and the British Living etc. are some of my current favorites. I'd love Elle Decor to also come out with an online version soon. I'm sure it's imminent...