Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In The Press - Greater Boston Food Bank

If you're an interior designer, and have been practicing in the commercial or hospitality field, you would know that 'Interior Design' magazine is the go-to magazine for what's hot in the industry, and never would I have dreamed that "Justine Sterling Design" would be mentioned in there. I got a call from the Architects office (Chan Krieger Architects, now merged with NBBJ) today and they informed me that my name "was in lights" so to speak. I mentioned to Tom who called me that I do in fact have a copy of this magazine and it is on top of the stack next to my bed I think. Needless to say I have not even turned one page yet, so it took them to call me to let me know. Remember my recent post on magazines?

This project was one of the very first that I completed when I started my own company about three years ago and it truly was one of my most favorite projects to date. The Greater Boston Food Bank cause is just incredible, but the team that I got to work with was engaging and open to new ideas, which was thrilling as this was my first large project 'out on my own'. I am thrilled that this project has been given some well deserved accolades.

"Interiors by Justine Sterling Design". Seriously?
I'm totally giddy about this.

This is a series of photo's that I had professionally completed of the interiors, which are also on my website. The building is seeking the silver accreditation for LEED certification, and we saved a huge amount of money on this project by using furniture purchased from a dealers' showroom floor, which offset the total furniture cost and you could say environmental impact. 


Break room

Typical open corridor

Private office

Arrival area on the second floor.
This is where many of the events including fund raisers take place.

I completed a series of 'inspirational art photography' for the project 
and here I am celebrating after it was all said and done. 
Yes, we even get to hang our art sometimes!