Thursday, July 28, 2011

Still loving Dwell Studio

When I think of Dwell Studio, I think of 'birdie' prints and baby rooms mostly, but really loved their small but interesting line of (adult) pillows, home decor, furniture and rugs which I stumbled upon while looking for new trays for clients for coffee tables and 'conversation ottomans.' I'm still on the tray hunt, but true to Dwell Studio style, the lines are clean, colors are crisp and designs are contemporary and fun. I'm loving the fun stripes and orange in the mix, for when I'm feeling brave with color!
Batavia Citrine and Azure Pillows


Gold Ribbons and Silver Triangles drinking glasses

 18x18 Labyrith Lacquered Wood Tray
Mayfair Bed, now I feel like I need a new bed

Vintage Blossom Persimmon and Azure Pillows; Labyrinth Persimmon Pillow

 Draper Stripe Persimmon Rug and Gate Ash/Cream rug

Draper Stripe Poppy Duvet Set