Thursday, September 22, 2011

Just Cruizin St. Armands

Wouldn't I love to be cruising around in St Armands, Sarasota right now! I have been to Florida, but never to this very unique little area where a brand new Just Cruizin (My brother-in-law and sisters company blogged about before) store has been opened by a good friend of theirs, Kari. Kari contacted me to help her create the first Just Cruizin store here in the U.S., and with my intimate experience on the last store, it was really easy for me to visualize how we could turn a very narrow and awkward retail space into a clothing store gem! And to top it off we did this all remotely, over many emails and phone calls. It is always great to have a trusting client and an imaginative one, but pulling this off was still a real challenge with the budget and timing involved. The first spark of inspiration was the old Terrazzo floors for me. They could have looked a little retro but in this instance, but they almost look like a sandy beach and are just the perfect warm gray color to be a natural backdrop to the subtle colors of the Just Cruizin relaxed clothing. We essentially kept it simple, with some magic with the space planning to visually divide the long linear space up with the retail displays and also a cool simple color palette, accented with a warm natural clay brick wall. And the fun Ikea pendants looked incredible, yes, those gorgeous pendants are from one of my favorite budget stores and they cost well under $300 for all three! so if you're in the area and need some great south African cool clothing, the store is on the St Armands Circle. Now I just need to make my way down to St Armands to see Kari and the store in person finally...

I just love these display pieces. Naturally the large mirror
was placed over the table to create more depth visually and the 
casual bench displays play to the whole laid back feel

Kari looking fab in her Just Cruizin!

The floor plan concept of dividing up the space to create special
places to lay out merchandise interspersed with hanging rails, makes
one forget that the space is so long and narrow

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