Thursday, September 15, 2011


With all of the recent buzz over Missoni as they launched their line with Target this week, I had to take a look to see what else this Italian house has been working on. Needless to say I also had to make my own personal trip to 'Tar-jey' to see what leftovers I could find after the goods were launched this Tuesday morning. I did get a cute pair of rainboots for my little girl and knit top with very little pattern for myself, as I am actually not a big pattern person when it comes to clothing. I was afraid that everyone would be wearing these zigzag prints in a nanosecond! A close friend who was there in the morning chaos and told me that everything was cleared off the shelves in minutes and then the girls with mountains of Missoni in their carts began trading. Yup, she had to trade with them to get things that they didn't want. It sounds crazy but it is true. Never mind the website crashing that was still not working properly yesterday, so if you want that cute Missoni iphone cover, you'll just have to wait.....

So after browsing the Missoni Home website this morning, I was intrigued by their line with great textures, colors and studies of contrasts. These items are not part of what is being sold at Target, but simply items that are part of their latest collections.

Love the big "H" at the headquarters
Interior shots. Missoni lines tend to be curvy and paired
with the Knoll Tulip chairs, the look is lovely and modern
I believe that this is their outdoor space at MH. They have an outdoor
line so I am not sure if this is for employee use, maybe a little
afternoon siesta here?
Color and textures are gorgeous, in moderation

More gorgeous textures, patterns and color

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