Sunday, December 18, 2011

Motiv's new digs

My husband Bill and his partner Paul launched Motiv almost a year ago and they have finally moved into their new space after months and months of being in temporary space. The new space which I helped conceptualize with them is in South Boston, and the bones of the building were so fantastic that they just had to make this their new home. They wanted to keep an open floor plan for the most part which would mean that many of the staff that had previously sat in offices would now be in open plan workstations - this seems to be the most difficult shift for any company from a culture standpoint. We selected a clean, simple and contemporary designed workstation from Enwork which resulted in being the only new furniture that was purchased and all of the filing was existing, so by selecting white it blended in perfectly with the interior architecture. The existing filing added some warmth to the color palette as did the big bold punches of orange! We felt that with the gray and white backdrop of the space it could easily handle a little crazy color to keep things fresh and inspiring to the visitors and staff alike.

Congrats to Bill and Paul and all at Motiv on an exciting first year!

Motiv: This is what they do: We utilize marketing insight; design expertise and consumer-centric thinking to help our clients' master the challenges of change and innovation in today's marketplace. See more at

The office has under 20 employees so having a receptionist was not necessary. The entry to the space is bold and sets a tone for the rest of the space. And no, they do not have the tiniest employee on earth, that is simply my son drinking on the run as we visited the space.

 The existing files create separation from the corridor and main circulation space and also add some warmth. As does the surprise pop of color at the back wall again.

 View into the kitchen from the workstation

View of a typical four pack of workstations. All of the furniture except
the pods are existing. The wall blinds are full automated and a really cool new
product to be launched soon, not sure what I can say about it except that it
looks fantastic and they were installed as a part of a research project by their client. 

   Bill's office which still needs some wall decorating help from me (at some point.) The kids are trying to take over here - nothing like visiting daddy at the office!