Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eating in

Eat in kitchen areas are really personal spaces and need to capture the design sense of the room that they are in, but they also need to be practical and comfortable as they seem to get far more use than many other living spaces in most homes. I have been working on an eat in kitchen area for a client that was unique to their home as it was more contemporary than the balance of the interior and they did not want a built in bench look, which initially seemed like the obvious direction. The Philippe Starck leather chairs are super comfy and the custom designed upholstered bench and Bocci glass fixture finish the look. Please excuse the quick snapshots that I took and the Chilewich rug will be coming soon to makes the space a little more cozy. Professional shots coming soon once we get a few other rooms complete with furniture.

Here are some other interesting eat in kitchen areas
courtesy of Pinterest and Living Etc. Magazine
What kind of eat in area are you dreaming of?

I'll never get sick of white on white
This reclaimed style works so well to hide
the interiors aging flaws

I love black as an accent and just having the legs of 
this table relate to the cabinets and hood looks so fantastic.
And it's all set off the loft floor. Brilliant.

The white chairs make this setting work

I guess I'm being drawn to images with kids as they relate to my life,
but this sawhorse style loooong table is just such a great idea if you
have the space. The country twist is really fun.

This is such a fun way to make the kitchen look
nothing like the utilitarian space that it is

When I get rid of the playroom off my kitchen at home
I'd love a table with simple chairs for the kids to do homework. 
Love this shot of an accident just waiting to happen!

Uber European looking. The chairs could have been a little more fun.

Love this. And you know that this table can take
all sorts of abuse from the kids.