Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Local Art

I always wish that there was more time left in the day to peruse art galleries more often than I have time to. I do art and photography research for certain projects and clients, but going to see actual artists studios is so great. My husband and I took a tour of the 450 Harrison Avenue Studios last Friday night before going to dinner. Not all of the artists have their studios open every month (first Friday of every month) but there are more than enough inspiring studios. And a little bit of cheese and wine, or 'wine and cheese' as we say here in the States does not hurt.

Take a look at some of the artists and photographers that were on exhibit. Their art is inspiring in so many different ways.

Ellen Rolli is a contemporary acrylic painter and I had purchased some of her work for a client recently. She uses really thick brushstrokes of color and her current abstract work is beautiful. I just read on her website that she also conducts workshops in her studio too. I'd love to take one of her classes some day. The last time that I held a paintbrush was more than twenty years ago, but I have always imagined doing it again someday. All I need is a little artists studio near the beach and I'll be all set.

Love this piece from Barbara Leiner

Linda Cordner's encaustic works use wax as the primary ingredient as opposed to oil etc. I was drawn to her pretty flowery compositions a while ago and it was great to see her new landscape work. 

Mimi Reilly's oils are mostly done in a really large format and scale and the blue colors that she uses are just so striking and luminous. I would love to build an interior around one of these moody large scale works. 

Beth Dacey's work is again very large in scale and honestly no photo could ever do her work any justice. She typically takes vintage photographs and then get inspired to turn them into these gorgeous works of art. And her personality is so great, and she seems so inspired that I really wish that I could commission her to do something for my own home. You have to see her art in person.

Jennifer Elwood was another really great artist to meet and she has been doing abstract works for ages. Her paintings are again much better in person and simply gorgeous. 

Last but no least, you might have seen these works before elsewhere, but Debby Krim's photography is really incredible. Yes, her work has a really "sellable" feel to it, but been a budding (well, trying) photographer myself I can really appreciate what she does and her execution. Her current exhibit of the "Typhoon" series was really incredible, but not available to post online. The images below are from "The Colors of White" and "Infrareds" series.