Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Finds from the ICFF 2012

The ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) is held in New York city every year and after four years I finally got back to the show again. There were exhibitors from Portugal, Spain, Italy, England and a few other countries as well all over the U.S. I was amazed at how many companies are manufacturing their goods locally in Brooklyn and New York city, which was wonderful to see. This year there seemed to be loads of lighting and wallcovering exhibitors, many of which caught my eye and have been photographed for you too see. A couple of the fine furniture manufacturers had some incredible designs too. Although a lot of the designs are more contemporary and many of my clients do have that aesthetic, I find that many of them walk the line between liking traditional and some more modern or contemporary design, so many of these products can also add a little flair to a more transitional interior.

The manufacturer of these fun cardboard "scrap lights" (as they call them) 
light fixtures is "graypants". They are even fire treated for use in commercial
spaces too, which would add some great texture to a simple environment.

Next is Lindsey Adelman Studio. Her booth design
was incredible, the fixtures drop-dead gorgeous sculptures and her workbench
with actual craftsmen and women doing their thing was a great touch.
I love, love, love these fixtures. Everything that she designs is fresh, new
and exciting.

I loved the "Iacoli and McAllsiter" fixtures too. They reminded me a little
of the Urban Electric Light company and utilitarian style fixtures, but with a twist.

LED lights seemed to dominate the show and this
company called "Stickbulb" is genius. I love the 
simplicity of the fixtures.

Now for some great furniture. Todd Von Meertens pieces are
incredible. Everything is totally customizable (bespoke) and is designed
and produced by him. The washed woods and dark metals have a sexy
understated feel. You need to see these in person to truly
appreciate the craftmanship.

Richard Watson is another handcrafted furniture company
and is local, right here in Brookline, MA. The one simple
piece that they had on show was incredibly well made and 
a beautiful design. The handcrafted knobs were like
beautiful jewelry.

This BIG table from BluDot is gorgeous.

Another gorgeous handmade furniture company,
Matthew Fairbank Design. His pieces are modern
drawing inspiration from history, all made to order.

This new introduction from Knoll by Richard Schultz
is so pretty and classic. More information to follow on this
table in a blog very soon!

Now on to accessories and fixtures. I am not sure that these
photo's do justice to these mirrors, so take a look
at their website called "grain". Best thing is, you
can shop on their website too!

This company called Amuneal makes the most incredible retail
display cases, furniture and accessories. Their scale models of projects that
they had completed were gorgeous pieces of art and the attention to 
detail was flawless.

 This is from the Gessi collection and the
water drop inspired design is incredible. And there's a 
full collection of accessories and size options available.
Trust the Italians to come up with something so beautiful.

Kohler has a line of fixtures being designed by Jonathan Adler
and this post from Apartment Therapy is really great describing the 
collaboration. The photo below is of the Kohler booth, with looked
so unlike Kohler, but so much fun!

This company Eskayel had an abundance of great
environmental responsible wallcovering designs and their 
website has a shop too! 

Lastly Tracy Kendall Wallpapers are just fantastic too.
Visit their website and get inspired!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Casual "Terrain"

During a trip to Pennsylvania last week, I was lucky enough to visit this incredible store called Terrain in an area called Glen Mills. In my next life this would be my vacation home, soup to nuts. The overall experience is just magical, even with my whining four year old en tow. There is a gardening center, restaurant and store all styled impeccably. It just has this casual, country elegance about it, but still sophisticated. I found out from one of the sales assistants that they don't advertise but rather spend that budget on hiring two full time stylists, and does it show! They have also just opened one in Westport, Connecticut, but we'd love one in Boston!

Yes, it was Mothers Day. Love these sweet chalkboards

 LOVE this styling

We saw loads of Terrariums all over the store, so charming.

These lights are just gorgeous, with their hand crafted filigree patterns.

They have thousands (what looked like to me) of glass jars and containers
which just make you want to get out there and use glass for organizing everything
in your kitchen if you could. The displays were incredible.

Well, I like to have everything in order in my home, so this book
is not my persona mantra. But it is a gorgeous book and I could learn
a lesson or two about letting myself go