Monday, June 11, 2012

Knoll Petal Table Big Win!

I threw my card into a bowl at the ICFF show to have a chance at winning this signed Knoll Richard Schultz Petal table and lucky me, I won it! It is a gorgeous petal shaped redwood top upon a white metal base. It's so dainty and elegant.

Knoll were so sweet to get the little table over to me within a few days and I naturally had to decide where to place it. It's an indoor/outdoor table, but seeing that my dream patio is a still a few years away, I decided to find a home for it indoors, and where better to place it, but in my home office. It is so dainty and having it signed by Richard Schultz will make it a little prized possession in my home. It seemed like a good time to show you where I placed it in my 9x22 office. Yes, I like to think of this office as a New York city apartment, as this room doubles up as a guest bedroom when we have a house full of guests with the old sleeper sofa. I spend so much time in this room and could not have a better environment to work in. With all of the windows and natural light - I really do need a bright space to keep me happy, and the white walls, sunny days and light furnishings really accomplish that.

Special delivery, this table is so light and was
packaged so wonderfully keeping it all in tact,
even with a UPS delivery!

"The tops on these tables are made of eight petals, which are mounted on a beautifully crafted cast aluminum spider. Richard Schultz was inspired by Queen Anne's Lace, a weed that grows near his house in Pennsylvania. Each cluster of flowers is supported on its own stem. By making a table in this manner there is no need for a ring support, and each petal is independent which allows the table to expand and contract with the weather."

The Petal table also comes in all white and in different sizes

The Petal Collection was originally designed by Richard Schultz to accompany 
the Bertoia Chairs that Harry Bertoia designed for Knoll

The Richard Schultz signature on my table :-)

To put the size into context, it is just 16" round. 
A perfect little perch for my iPad 

My South African accents are everywhere in my home, including
my home office. Here my hand printed African pillows hang out with
my newly acquired cow pillow given to me as a gift from my sister 
in Cape Town. I told her to please send me more!

I use this large tray from West Elm for some of my presentations
to clients. It's a nice way to keep things organized. In my experience, so 
much changes as rooms get developed, so having samples be loose 
makes my job that much easier.

My linen colored files (you can tell I love
good textures for interest) are from Ikea. They
keep my brochures, samples and client information
well organized, but look great too

 We all need an inspiration wall....

And this is where I spend most of my time.
The big extra screen makes doing drawings 
on my mac SO much easier!

Yes, these are tight quarters, but they get
my work done and help keep me well
organized actually

The print on the wall was a "Joss and Main"
find for $35! It is a Giclee print of Bolder beach in
Cape Town which is one of my most favorite beaches
and looking at this helps me have a little reminder of "home"


  1. Justine's office is like a well oiled machine. Organized, efficient and full of amazing treats. The table is so sweet and I absolutely LOVE the cow pillow!!

  2. I just love your posts, Justine! Beautiful table for a well deserving, hard working designer and mom. Enjoy! It looks great

  3. I love reading your blogs! I get so inspired by your great eye for design and all things interesting and beautiful. The petal table is a perfect new addition to your sanctuary-like office. Hmmm... I am looking around right now at my office and see I have my work cut out for me...

  4. Congrats again on your win. Having just spent so much time with you away from Cape Town , I know how much time you spend in your 'own' space. What amazes me is how you keep it so tidy. I am so happy to have seen two of your 'work in progress' jobs ....... I am hugely impressed.

    XX Mom

  5. Looks great in there! my home office could really use a little help...wait, did I say a little help? I meant a lot of help! Love the new table!

  6. Thanks for the comments, and yes, I wish that my office looked this neat every day. I just found all of my files pushed way back into hiding after my son Reid did his little stint of making me into a crazy manic person. He MUST know that I am a little OCD.
    Home offices are one of the most fun rooms to design and decorate. With my tools and creativity, it can also be done on a dime, just like mine was...