Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Storage tip: Busy Moms

Organizing toys around the house when you have little ones can be a full time job, but if you figure out a few clever ways to keep the clutter at bay, your home can still look put together and stylish. I have always said that just because you have kids, you can still have a well-kept home. Well, we all have that one sofa cushions that is turned over because of stains, but you get where I am coming from if you have a type A personality like me.

So with organizing as we enter a new year on my radar, I was about to go back to The Container Store to get a giant canvas storage basket for my kids toys, but luckily I spotted these giant bags at Marshalls for a quarter of the price in time! You can store a ridiculous amount of toys in this in about 2 seconds flat! They are from Taylor Madison Designs (website is not that great, but the bags are) and the rope handles, large size and fun designs were so great, that I bought one for my laundry and an orange one for my sons room too for stuffed animals. $12.99 a piece from Marshalls. They would be great for the beach or keeping towels in on the patio in the Summer!

My playroom area at home

Love this rope detail