Saturday, April 20, 2013

Looking ahead

This has been a truly unimaginable week living here in Boston. From the fatalities and injured from the initial bombings on Marathon Monday, to the final nail biting capture of one of the culprits last night, it has been something out of a movie. But it does have a good ending and the city prevails. Wow, this really is a united city and this bombing has only made us closer and that much stronger. Many questions need to be answered but at least we have some closure and are not as fearful as we felt 24 hours ago.

But as they say, today is a new day. My husband, kids and I headed in to Boston today. It just seemed like the best thing to do - pay our respects and support the Back Bay. We are less than a 20 minute car ride into the city. It was incredibly moving being at the Berkley street memorial consisting of crosses for the victims, teddy bears for Martin and flowers and notes from people. Most people simply stood quietly, some prayed, some cried, but most of all people just seemed extremely calm. I feel that everyone in the city and my neighborhood is just so much more pleasant, courteous and patient right now. No one is in as much of a rush it seems and we are all so aware of the fact that whomever we cross paths with might be a responder, a family member of an injured one, a runner, or onlooker on that tragic day. Especially the first responders, they have just been so incredible and now I will always remember to thank them for what they do whenever I cross paths with them. I just saw a post of a picture of an armor clad cop brought gallons of milk to a home in Watertown with a family that was on lockdown. You just can't make this stuff up.

Part of our excursion today was also to the new beautiful Restoration Hardware store (more on that soon) but what was really capturing was the view from this gorgeous window, as if purposely framed - the memorial where I had just been standing. I felt at ease and not like I was imposing to take a picture of it from this vantage point. I just couldn't while right there. 

Our hearts are heavy. And after 13 years here, Boston, you're my home.