Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Restoration Hardware Boston

Restoration Hardware opened its doors last month here in Boston. It was amidst lots of controversy over their launch party and their inability to get their doors officially opened with fire department issues. But, it's finally open and we needed a new interiors store so badly that can fit a number of budgets. I was with my husband and kids on the trip on all of the floors, but the kids loved the basement Children's floor the most naturally. They had a few photo op's there, as can be seen. Restoration Hardware has created a lifestyle from fresh flowers, to paint, to rugs, hardware, sculptures and signage. Putting them all in this renovated old Louis landmark building with the french inspired central elevator is just perfect.

I have some clients that fall into the more traditional/transitional style of preferred interiors and we have found a few retail pieces here that may be contenders. There is nothing more affirmative than being able to sit in the chair that you are planning on buying, rather than hoping with fingers crossed that your One Kings Lane or online purchase will work out! Support these local stores if you can so that we can continue to attract stores into our city. Room and Board is finally coming soon too!

The entry with flowers and neutral terrariums is gorgeous. 
Neutral is a common theme here, right up my alley.

Not sure of they needed this replica
here, but it's a fun play area for kids if
you added some toys

RH outdoors

These theater rooms are a bit heavy and bulky for
my liking

LOVED this bar! I heard that it took them a few
days to get it into the building

We had to test a few things out

Love the painted foundation walls. Will be trying
this look in my own basement reno!

My daughter almost started crying when I told
her that she couldn't take this home

Love this bench seat

Nothing like a great gallery wall

Tons of dining options. Love the scale of the
large tables with vintage french inspired chairs