Friday, August 8, 2014

Published in the Boston Globe

Last week while I was on our Summer vacation, a project of mine (our basement studio in my own home) was published in the Boston Globe in the G Style section! Once I knew that this was truly real and that it had made it to the printers so to speak, I sent my husband off (on his bicycle from the beach house) to grab some hard copies in Chatham. It's really hard to get projects published and this writer, Jaci Conry from the Boston Globe actually contacted me, and of course I was thrilled and open to have her interview me. She wrote a great article. You can also read an old blog that I wrote on the space and see more photo's here.

I also have to thank Jessica Delaney from Jessica Delaney Photography who did such an awesome job with the photography and is so fantastic to work with. We actually completed another shoot together recently but I need to get those photo's up on the site, pronto!

Cheers to getting published! Here are some photo's from the actual paper from last week.